Ayoni is a group of highly evolved cosmic masters that guides and supports our world during its current transition into the New Age.
This series of conversations is meant to offer guidance, clarity and support for a world that is evolving rapidly and struggling with its changes. Clear answers are given about the current pandemic, what is behind it, how we can best deal with it, and our future.
Other topics include the unfolding New Age of unity and harmony, the spiritual revolution and how we can evolve past fear and division.


Channeled dialogues to guide a changing world


Hello again and thank you for this opportunity to talk with you again.

As always, it is our pleasure, dear friends, to reach out to you all.

Not much has happened in the world since we last spoke. Or so it seems anyway.

As you say: so it seems. A lot has happened actually, mainly behind the scenes. It would be utterly impossible for a world and a reality that are transitioning into a higher level of existence to remain idle or unchanged, even for the briefest moment.

Many things have happened and are happening, both within your world and reality, and within the whole system of Planet Earth. All realities and worlds are shifting simultaneously, all in their own unique way and according to their own unique timing.

Can you tell us what has happened in our world in the last few months? Things have quieted down a good deal I would say: no more Covid restrictions and it seems life has returned to more or less normal.

‘Normal’ is a very subjective and tricky term during a transition of this magnitude. We can attest to you that your world and humanity will never be normal again, at least to the standard you are used to. There will of course come a new normal, but the time when your world and humanity have settled into this new normal is still a good way off. Not necessarily in terms of linear time, but in terms of the transformation you and your world need to go through in order to reach it.

So there is still a lot of work to be done before we reach our destination and we can start to enjoy our life again?

Nobody says you cannot enjoy life, now or at any time. We mean to say that you are situated in the center (more or less) of this great transition. You as a collective have already gone through a few important stages of this process. At the moment you find yourself in another stage. And several more stages await you yet.

This is all a bit abstract. Can you tell us more about these stages?

Gladly. The so-called pandemic was an important stage. It still is, even though this event has lost some of its drive. But it is not over. This will become apparent to the entire world soon enough (we cannot disclose more about this at the moment).

In this part of the transition, most of ‘the work’ is taking place behind the scenes. Pieces are moving across the board. Old players are being removed from the board and new players are being put on the board. We understand this sounds a little vague, but you will soon understand what we mean. Everything will come to light soon enough. The forces who govern his world are positioning themselves for another play, another game of chess. Two sides, white and black. They are almost ready to commence another game. Each side is in the final stages of preparation and their pieces are almost set.

You are talking about a conflict?

Yes and no. The world will first see and experience another effort by the powers that be (let us call these the black chess pieces) to enforce another level of control. Shortly afterwards the powers that will be (the white chess pieces) will make a grand appearance onto the world stage.

It is about time!

Correct: the time is indeed right.

Then the chess game begins. This game is not a power struggle. It will be performed solely to offer humanity another chance to come to realization.

What realization?

That there are indeed two sides and everyone has to choose one. These sides are not, from our perspective and understanding, good and evil, right and wrong –  but rather accepting and denying, partaking and refusing, embracing and withholding of one’s own transition. Each and every human being must choose whether to actively and consciously take part in her own and the collective transition towards a higher level of being – or not.

Everybody is on this path, consciously or unconsciously. You all share the experience of this grand transition. But you have free will and so you may resist, refuse and deny the truth.

What truth?

That you all chose to be here at this very moment in the Earth’s evolution and that you wanted to be part of this transition in order to ascend, together with all your brothers and sisters.

So you see, dear ones, the chess game will be played for your own benefit. The result of this game is not important. From our understanding there will be no winner and loser. This game will be played so that you may understand your world and yourself better. Because both are changing. And both you and your world will change further. And so you need an impetus to deepen your understanding of yourself and your world.
Remember: whatever happens in the world during the next phase of this grand transition is an invitation, an impulse towards greater awakening, towards higher levels of love, towards allowing more light to come into yourselves and your world, and towards accepting the truth that you are all in this together, no matter which ‘side’ you are on. Ultimately there are no sides, no opponents and no chess game – only players and a game.
All is as it should be and all is well.

You said the world and reality are changing as well.

Indeed. The chess board itself is changing! This is a most interesting and promising phenomenon. The reality you inhabit is moving into a higher octave. Many people experience this to some degree.

For the past few months it felt as if I was not present in this reality, even though I did not sense another reality.

Of course not: you are not moving into another reality. Your reality itself is moving! Humanity, the planet, the world and your reality are ascending: literally moving into a higher form of themselves, into a higher octave. For months this has taken place and will continue to do so.

Soon there will seem to be a lapse in this evolution. It might seem that the world is descending into a lower octave. But this is not so. What will happen is a cleansing on a global scale on many levels. This purification process is necessary in order for the planet to raise its vibration further, according to the divine plan of ascension. Every single inhabitant of the Earth: all humans, animals, plants, minerals, and even the microbes and bacteria will go through this purification process.
It may seem that the world is on fire. Consider it a purgation. A system (be it a human being, a planet or a society) cannot ascend without purifying its discordant energies. The world and humanity need to be cleansed of their mental, emotional, structural and karmic blockages and hindrances.

That sounds ominous.

It is logical. Understand well, dear ones, that you chose to incarnate here and now in order to support this process. And of course to benefit from it. You are here to assist the world and the Earth in the grand transition and to enjoy the tremendous gift of being part of this ascension.

But: there can be no new order without chaos. This too you have chosen to experience and support: the purification process on the individual and collective – global level. Soon each and every one of you will be tested.


You will be tested in your convictions, your beliefs, your purpose. And most of all: your willingness and ability to LOVE.

We will share with you more on this in another transmission.

Thank you.

Blessings to all.

Channeled by Ayoni through Tim Biot

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