Ayoni is a group of highly evolved cosmic masters that guides and supports our world during its current transition into the New Age.
This series of conversations is meant to offer guidance, clarity and support for a world that is evolving rapidly and struggling with its changes. Clear answers are given about the current pandemic, what is behind it, how we can best deal with it, and our future.
Other topics include the unfolding New Age of unity and harmony, the spiritual revolution and how we can evolve past fear and division.

Channeled dialogues to guide a changing world

I am glad to have this opportunity to continue our dialogue. It seems our world is descending further into chaos and fear.

Only on the outside, my dearest. It is as you say: it ‘seems’ that way. In reality your planet has already changed to a much higher frequency. Your world will follow soon and in many aspects has already started to shift.

There can be no new order without chaos. The old must give way to the new. What you perceive around you are both the death throes of the old world and the birth pains of the new world. Because they occur simultaneously and in such a short window of time, the upheavals are intense. Big changes are needed. They always go hand in hand with big chaos.

Okay. But I do not really see many signs of this higher frequency.

That is because you are looking in the wrong places. If you shift your focus, then you will clearly see it, and feel it!

Where are these places?

Not where, but what. The what is becoming increasingly clear: the old power system is doing everything it can to hold onto the status quo. It does not want to relinquish its power. The fact that your governments and the control system are investing so much of their resources into retaining their control over you, by continuously spreading fear and promoting division, you can clearly see the truth behind their actions.

Everything that happens in your world at the moment is meant to awaken the people. Both the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly things. The dynamics between the dualities is at its most powerful at the moment. The dance between right and wrong, truth and deception, good and evil is supposed to shake things up, to get people out of their state of inertia. Dance this dance! Dance so that others will join you and have the chance to wake up too. Stand in the midst of the chaos and shine your light. Be the order that is emerging out of the chaos.

Can you help me with looking in the right places?

The best place to find order, goodness and light is within you. If you cannot find it within yourself, it will be nearly impossible to see it in the world around you. Count your blessings and be grateful that you are present in this most amazing time on Earth and that you are in the splendid position where you can assist an entire planet in ascending to a world that you have dreamt of for so long.

Any tips on how to do this?

It is okay to be aware of what is happening in your world regarding the virus, the vaccines and all their consequences. But do not dwell on them. You can be aware of the situation, but remain centered within your light. Try to stay detached from the energy field of fear and control. Do things that make you happy, that make you feel good. Keep your frequency levels high. Know that what is taking place on your planet is part of a much bigger shift and a magnificent divine plan. And you are part of it! Touch base with the truth deep within you. The truth that you are a divine being of light that is partaking in a cosmic divine plan, guided and supported by the light whence you came.
Understand that the darkness around you is acting as a catalyst, a transmuter and an accelerator. Do not see enemies, but rather people who are playing their part. Do not see dangers, but rather emanations of people who cannot see yet past their own fear. Do not see limitations, but rather distorted versions of limitless potential.

Djeez, that would make a big difference if we could all do this.

Not all of you need to do this. Just you. That is enough for now. And maybe you can encourage someone else to do it also. And another. And onwards and upwards.

Can you give us a prediction about the near future? I read reports that things are going to get worse before they get better.

Try not to think too much in terms of worse and better. We do understand that your world and most people are going through a very challenging time and we do appreciate how many of you struggle with the changes. But the plan was set in motion long ago and cannot be altered. Your world and everybody who is part of it must go through the stages of this plan, which is following perfectly divine timing. Remain centered and keep your frequency up. Then you can go through the steps effortlessly. You knew before you incarnated that this was going to be an incredible trip, that you would share many hardships and immense challenges with your fellow Earthlings. But you came anyway because you wanted to be part of the party. So keep dancing! Even if it’s in the dark.

So you cannot share anything about what is coming next? I am sure it would help people to know what we can expect.

Your best option is to expect that whatever is coming is part of the plan. And since this is a divine plan, following divine timing, you can rest assured that it is just another stage in the unfolding of the great shift towards global ascension.
We can tell you that the control system has not yet played all of its cards.

So the end is not yet in sight?

Of course it is! But as we said: it depends where you look. The end result lives within you. You are here on Earth because you had/have all the tools to experience and support this great shift. If you can remember the purpose and the blessing of your presence here, then you have access to all knowledge, wisdom and capabilities that you require to dance your way through the different stages of this shift. You too are part of the plan!
Imagine the world that you came to manifest. Visualize the life that you want all your brothers and sisters to enjoy. Remain close to your Great Mother, Gaia. Connect deeply to your planet. You are all in this together. Support and bless all others, and receive the many blessings in return. Bless your enemies. Forgive those that seem to do harm. Send light into what you perceive as darkness. Share love with those that cannot find another way to deal with their fear than through hate.
The control system has put up a smokescreen, an illusion of separateness created to keep you from the truth of oneness. But an illusion can never be more than that: an illusion. The truth is within you and can never be destroyed, only forgotten. Re-member dear ones!

Thank you for this transmission.

Blessings to all.

Channeled by Ayoni through Tim Biot
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