A channeling can be requested from Tim Biot (the author of all the channeled books by Gaiana Books and a medium with over 20 years experience).

You can ask general and personal questions and receive the answers by email.
Simply email us your questions and you will receive the answers shortly afterwards.

The channelings are done by Fiona or Gaia (see The Books of Gaia), or by Ayoni (see The Ayoni Transmissions).

The channelings can be done in English and in Dutch (Nederlands).
For more information and prices: info@gaianabooks.com




If you have questions or want clarity about your life path, soul program, healing, spiritual development, relationships, work or any other aspect of your life, you can request a reading from Tim Biot.

A reading takes about an hour and is done online via Zoom video.
The price is €60.
The readings can be done in English and in Dutch (Nederlands).
For more information or to order, please contact us at: info@gaianabooks.com

You can ask specific or general questions, or leave the session open.

Tim Biot is a spiritual teacher, healer and reader with over 15 years of experience in Europe and the U.S.
He is the author of all the books and articles shared on this website.