The life and teachings of Jesus & Mary Magdalene

An incredible journey in search of Yeshua, Maria Magdalena, the Essenes, the Cathars, the Grail and the Knights Templar. The author travels to 16 destinations on 3 continents to visit the places where the story of Christ and his companions took form.
Yeshua tells in his own words what really happened and why. He explains that his life was an example for all people to follow. He lived for us all and to bring the Gospel of Love to the world. 

This trilogy relates the true story of Yeshua and Maria Magdalena, the Disciples, their followers and adversaries. Yeshua tells of their trials, tribulations, challenges, victories and achievements. He explains that all the events had both an outer and an inner symbolic meaning. Throughout the story, these mythical characters come to life and show both their humanity and divinity. They reach out to us, guide us and invite us to follow the Path of Love that leads to spiritual liberation. 

Yeshua shares a timeless wisdom and shows us that the Kingdom of Heaven lies within us and is within reach for all who are willing to do the work. His teachings are profoundly meaningful and yet easy to understand. He offers guidance and support, patiently and with unconditional love and compassion. He lays out a path for us that guides us to wholeness and happiness.  His beautiful wisdom shines a light on deeply spiritual and metaphysical topics. Yeshua offers advice on practical issues we deal with in our daily lives and shows a touching compassionate human side.

In these books, Yeshua proves to be an ideal spiritual guide, a wise counselor, a skilled psychologist and a true master. But most of all he’s our friend with a heart as large as the Universe.     

This trilogy comes at a time of great change. We’re shifting from a paradigm of fear and separateness to a higher reality of love and unity. Yeshua shows us the way inwards, forwards and upwards.  



In the first book of this trilogy, we travel to Israel, Cyprus, Kashmir & Ladakh, France and Spain to meet Yeshua, Maria Magdalena, the Apostles, the Disciples and the Cathars.
Yeshua talks about his mission on Earth, the time of preparation, his extensive travels in the Levant and the East, and the Crucifixion. He also shares the story of his wife the Magdalena in southern France. He teaches us how to free ourselves from the false self and to accept our True Self. 

This is the story of Yeshua, of the author and of all of us.

In 2017 Tim Biot traveled to Israel, unaware that this trip would change him and his life forever. In Jerusalem he was contacted by Yeshua, who, through channeled dialogues, shared with Tim his life and his teachings. Yeshua wishes to bring into the world the truth of the events that took place 2000 years ago, the Essene teachings and a timeless wisdom that can help to transform humanity and the world.

 Tim was invited to research all the topics of this book: the life and travels of Yeshua and Maria Magdalena, the Apostles, the Essene teachings & the ancient wisdom traditions, and the Cathars. He was encouraged to visit all the relevant locations and so he traveled around the Holy Land, to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, the high Himalayas in Kashmir & Ladakh, the Provence and Languedoc in France, Montserrat in Catalonia, and to north Spain where he walked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Throughout the book, Yeshua gently guides Tim through a life-altering process of personal transformation and spiritual awakening. The lessons and insights that Yeshua shares are relevant to everyone’s life and applicable to every human being. 

Yeshua shows himself to be an expert psychologist, a deeply loving master with profound wisdom, and a kindred spirit with an extensive understanding of the human experience. But most of all he approaches us as a brother to all of humanity who is still here with us to bring light, love and wisdom into our hearts, minds and world.