Ayoni is a group of highly evolved cosmic masters that guides and supports our world during its current transition into the New Age.
This series of conversations is meant to offer guidance, clarity and support for a world that is evolving rapidly and struggling with its changes. Clear answers are given about the current pandemic, what is behind it, how we can best deal with it, and our future.
Other topics include the unfolding New Age of unity and harmony, the spiritual revolution and how we can evolve past fear and division.


Channeled dialogues to guide a changing world


Thank you for having this dialogue with me.

Our pleasure. What would you like to talk about, Tim?

Well, it seems there is a bit of a change in the whole pandemic/vaccination situation going on. Several countries are changing their policies, some drastically. In a few countries they are actually stopping all measures and even the vaccinations. What are we to make of this?

It is part of the greater plan. Everything is going according to plan.

Whose plan?

Both the plan of those in power and the Divine Plan.

They are the same?!

Of course not. But the Divine Plan is orchestrated according to the dynamics on your planet, humanity’s choices and free will, and also the plan of those in power. In fact, the power plan, if we may call it that, is unknowingly part of the Divine Plan. The power system is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing and will continue to do so for as long as it is needed.

And how long will that be? This whole pandemic circus has been going on for nearly two years and the end is nowhere in sight. We are getting a bit tired of it, you know…

Yes, we know. We cannot and may not say when this will be over, as we cannot predict the evolution of this process according to linear time. Everything depends on you! Each and everyone of you must make choices and will need to continue to do so.

Until when and which choices?

There are many choices to be made. And there are choices to be remade.

How do you mean?

The main choice is this: do you choose to remain part of the power system that offers you the opportunity to remain in the 3D reality, or do you choose to ascend to a higher reality (5D) of freedom, harmony and unity?

Understand, dear ones, that there is no real evil in this power system and those who enforce that power upon you.The only power they have over you is the power you allow them to have over you. The only evil is ignorance. Your ignorance about yourself and the world you live in. If you understood that you are a divine being that is part of the All, then it would be impossible for anyone to have any power over you, as you would never give your power away. You would know yourself to be a sovereign (human) being that is free. You would feel empowered to make your own choices. You would have access to your intelligence and wisdom to know what the right path for you is.

But someone who has forgotten their true nature is an easy prey for those who want to mislead you. Someone who has lost the will or ability to dream of a better life, is easily trapped within a nightmare version of the world. Humanity must awaken. But in order to wake up, you must first realize that you are asleep. Most people on your planet have lived their entire life believing that they are free, while they have been entrapped within a system of control. The real power of this system is the control of your mind. You are conditioned on different levels to accept the reality that they have created. But this is only an artificial reality that exists within your mind. And because you share this reality with others, it seems very real.

So you are saying there is no conspiracy, that there is no evil plan to install a totalitarian control system using the pandemic as an excuse?

Of course there is a conspiracy. This is their plan indeed, but this is not ‘evil’ as you are accustomed to use this term. The only evil in your world is ignorance. What do you think is meant by the awakening of humanity?

I see where you are going with this. The collective awakening is the remembering of who we are. It is the eradication of our self-ignorance.

Correct! Although it is very hard to admit to yourselves, you have chosen to forget who you are and to accept the consequences thereof. The world must now, by divine dictate, wake up and the people must accept their true nature. Do you know the expression ‘the teacher arrives when the student is ready’? And you have heard the adage that the disciple attracts the master who resonates with him?


Well, the same applies for your ‘enemy’. You attract everything into your reality that is a reflection or an extension of yourself, both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. You attract what you need in order to understand yourself. In this case, humanity has attracted the exact support it needs to fulfill its purpose.

Instead of asking us when this will be over, you should ask yourselves, because you decide where this is going and how long it will take.

Phew, so far for the victim position…

Yes, my dear. This is another choice you must make and remake. Are you going to see ‘them’ as your enemies, or as your teachers and guides? Are you going to be the victim of this pandemic and all its consequences, or are you going to take responsibility?

Well, that seems a bit harsh, you guys. We did not create and unleash this virus. We did not create this monstrous vaccine and these draconic restrictions.


No, of course not. It was ‘them’!

They are an extension of you. They can only do what they are doing because you offer them the reality to do it in.

But they control our reality! You said it yourself: we live in an artificial reality that they imposed on us.

You live in their reality because you choose to. They have power over you because you give it to them. Nobody was forced to take the vaccine.

That is true. But the restrictions were enforced.


Well, by fines and stuff.


Are you saying that we should all become anarchists and if we get penalized for breaking their rules, we should just not care?

You broke many rules and laws. You still do. You have pretty much disobeyed every rule and law attached to this pandemic.

Were you ever fined? Were you ever caught?


Do you know why?

I was going to say that maybe I have been lucky. But I am starting to see what you are trying to say.


I chose not to be part of this reality and control system. I chose to remain free and retain my sovereignty.

Indeed! And so ‘they’ have no power over you. In fact, they do not even want it.


No, they only want to retain control and power over those that choose to live within their version of reality. Not everybody is ready to wake up, because not everybody is prepared to admit they are living in a nightmare. You see, most people who are stuck in this artificial reality of fear and separation actually (believe they) need the control perpetuated onto them by the system. In this respect, the control system is offering these people the opportunity to continue to experience the very reality they do not want to relinquish.

Wow wow guys, this is going a bit far. So now suddenly the bad guys of the control system are the good guys helping out a world in fear?

From our perspective there are no good and bad guys, only people who make choices and need to live the consequences of these choices.

But the system gives them no choice! We are born into this control system. We are indoctrinated and programmed our entire life. We have no chance!

Did you ever feel you were part of this control system? Did you ever experience this nightmare reality?

I guess not, no.

It is a choice. The other reality where you are free, and your true self that is sovereign and empowered are there for anyone. You must simply choose it. And then live it.

Okay. So why then are so many people choosing to remain in this control system? I know they feel dependent on it. But the world lives in a state of mass hysteria and -psychosis. It was already bad at the start of the pandemic, but I could understand why most people followed the official version perpetuated by the governments and the media. I get that most people cannot fathom that their leaders (and the pharmaceutical industry in this case) do not have their best interest in mind. It is too big a step for most people to accept that there is a huge conspiracy going on. But now the truth is plainly visible. People are dropping dead and getting heart problems after being vaccinated. The vaccines do not work. The restrictions do not work. And still most people have not woken up. What is it going to take?!

Another chance. Every individual on your planet will receive several opportunities to make the choice. The sooner more people awaken, the faster the balance will tip. Once you have reached critical mass, the rest will follow more easily.

I understand. But by now the majority of the world’s population is vaccinated and I am afraid of what these vaccines are going to do.

Do not be afraid, my dear. Your fear will only feed into the collective fear that is tearing your world apart.

Oh goodness, you are right. How could I be so stupid!

Actually you are not really afraid. You have shed your fears before this pandemic even started. You are worried for your loved ones and for your fellow human beings. This is natural, especially considering the circumstances. But know this: no vaccine can harm you unless you allow it to. Just like you are immune to the fear propaganda of the power system, and just as you are beyond their reach when you do not abide by their rules and laws that are designed to keep you entrapped, so you can be out of harm’s way of the vaccines. The vaccines are indeed designed to cause damage on a great scale. But here we remind you of what we said before: the vaccines too are an extension and reflection of yourselves. They do only what you have attracted. Each vaccinated person is offered an opportunity to learn about herself through the vaccine.

Jeez! So even the vaccines are our teachers and guides?

Of course, everything in your world is: the politicians, the media, the doctors and virologists, the vaccines, the restrictions and rules. The entire pandemic is the impulse to encourage the mass awakening of Planet Earth.

Well, I guess we might need another impulse, because most people have not gotten the point…

More people have woken up than you know. But yes, another impulse is pending.

Really? What? When?

We will talk more about this in our next transmissions.

For now, remain as centered and high-spirited as possible. Keep your frequency as elevated as you can. Every person who remains calm amidst this chaos, every man, woman and child who stays positive is a beacon of hope for a world that has lost trust in itself. You are now at a point in the process of mass awakening whereby a single person can affect hundreds, just by being an example of strength, wisdom and love.

The individual awakening process is slightly different for each person. Some awaken in an instant, but most do it in stages, some even in many tiny steps. So plant seeds in people’s minds and hearts. Offer them every chance to remember who they really are.

Be patient with those who test your resolve. They too are guides and teachers for you to evolve further. Your awakening process may not yet be complete. So keep checking yourself and be prepared to continue to work on yourself.

And above all: love yourself and one another. Love is the greatest driving force in the Universe. It is the best healer and the greatest overcomer of obstacles.

Thank you for this transmission.


Channeled by Ayoni through Tim Biot
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