Ayoni is a group of highly evolved cosmic masters that guides and supports our world during its current transition into the New Age.
This series of conversations is meant to offer guidance, clarity and support for a world that is evolving rapidly and struggling with its changes. Clear answers are given about the current pandemic, what is behind it, how we can best deal with it, and our future.
Other topics include the unfolding New Age of unity and harmony, the spiritual revolution and how we can evolve past fear and division.

Channeled dialogues to guide a changing world


Can you please shed some light on the current situation regarding the Covid-19 virus?

Gladly. We understand this is by far the most pressing issue on your planet. We can assure you that there is a benevolent plan behind all this confusion and suffering. Something very good will come out of this.

I hope so.

You can better know so. Hoping leaves room for fear and doubt, which will create more of what you do not want to see in the world.
What you see around you is a reflection of how you see yourself. How you see yourself is a direct result of how you understand yourself. And that is what this is all about: the great leap forward in self-understanding. Only by understanding who and what you are can you create a reality of harmony, love and unity. The only reason why humanity has lived on a planet of fear and suffering is because you do not know who you truly are.
So the current situation is not so much a matter of a virus and vaccines, but a question of knowing and understanding – or not. We mean this in the most literal sense: it is a question. To know or not to know. To understand or not.

I get that this moment in our time is the greatest opportunity for humanity to wake up, to learn about ourselves and our world.

That is correct.

I hope that these dialogues will help bring some clarity and help increase our understanding in these challenging times.

That is why we are here.

I would like to ask you a very straightforward question.


Are the vaccines really necessary?


Are they useful?

Not very much in their current state. They are not safe nor efficient. But again, the vaccines and other measures that exist against the virus are a reflection of the collective consciousness. The entire current situation of the virus, the measures, the vaccines – the experience of all this is based primarily on fear. The vaccines hold the frequency of fear, rather than safety. The measures your governments are issuing have their own energy field, which is mostly the frequency of fear.

The vaccines hold the frequency of fear?!

Of course, they are created out of fear and are being used by fear. The entire situation on your planet is a pandemic of fear. The question is not whether to be vaccinated or not, but to choose between fear or understanding.

Wow! I never thought to put ‘understanding’ in that equation. I always thought fear and trust were opposites.

Trust is a natural consequence of understanding.

Of course. Now I understand why there is so much misinformation being spread around the world: it creates fear.

No, the misinformation creates confusion and division, which in turn leads to fear.

I see! The illusion of separateness! When people are divided, they are drawn into the idea that they are separate from each other.

Correct. The world is being confronted with its own age-old focus of this very illusion of separateness. Humanity has finally come face to face with its own creation. You are all now seeing what you have chosen to create and experience for a very long time.

Which is?

The lie that you are not worthy to live within the loving embrace of both your planet and the Universe.

That is a very beautiful way of expressing a very painful truth.

You have been killing each other, have nearly destroyed your planet and have feared the Cosmos for thousands of years because you lacked (self)understanding. You now find yourself on the threshold of a new era. As you are moving into a new age of higher awareness and divine connection, you must shed your addiction to fear and your blind focus on the illusion of separateness.
The world is now at the ultimate turning point. You are collectively experiencing the Great Test. It all comes down to a simple choice: will you, as an individual, choose the new world of peace, harmony and brotherhood; or do you choose the old world of fear, segregation and discrimination?
And this, logically, begs another question: those that choose to be part of the new world, how will you treat your brothers and sisters who choose to continue the way of fear and separateness and who deny themselves the blessings of a better world? The lightworkers’ and the wayshowers’ primary task is to comfort those that choose to remain in fear. You must offer all the possible support to those who have not been able to confront themselves with their own reality of fear and separateness.

That is an awesome task.

It is an awesome time to be here on Earth, for everyone. Those that have already woken up have the responsibility to respectfully aid others in making an intelligent choice between remaining asleep and waking up as well. This cannot be achieved by disrespecting their choices, including the decision to be vaccinated or not. The only way out of this and to advance is by sharing and accepting the correct information. It does remain everybody’s personal freedom and choice to accept misinformation or the truth. But the way the information is presented is absolutely vital. It is very difficult to convince someone who has lived in fear for a long time to change their perception of reality and themselves through a forceful approach. You must understand that these people have been creating and experiencing a reality that is a reflection of their own convictions of lack, separateness and self-denial, which are all a direct result of fear. So in order for people to wake up to the acceptance of the truth of who they are and of the world and the Universe they inhabit, they must be brought to the point (and this is more a mental, emotional and spiritual point than an actual place and time in their life) where they can, with the maximum support and loving guidance, choose between the old paradigm of fear, or to step onto the path that leads to the new world of love and harmony.

Holy moly! I never saw it so clearly!
That image of this particular point of choice is really helpful. I now understand what a precarious, massively important and beautifully precious point this is. And we all deserve to approach, arrive at and deal with this point in our own unique way.

That is correct. The task of those that have gone past this point and are already walking the path of love and unity, those that are already on their way to this new world, are the best guides for those that have yet to find their way there.
We would like to suggest an image.
Picture a sphere that is cut in half by a veil. The left side of the sphere is dark and the right side is light. When you look closer you see in the left side a dark world with wars, famine, natural disasters, people who are being misled and mistreated, corruption and greed. The right side shows a world of peace, harmony, unity, abundance and a planet that blossoms together with everybody being consciously part of it.
Now when you look at the division between the two worlds, you see that the veil is like a mirror on the inside of the left world. The people in this dark world of ignorance do not realise there is a veil with another, brighter world behind it. They see only their own world. That is what fear and separateness do: they impede and contain consciousness, they are blinding. On the other side the people do not see a mirror. From their world the veil acts as a window. They can see the dark world that they have left. And they can see their brothers and sisters suffering. They see a world in pain. A pain that you remember: both how you experienced it too and how you healed it, so you could leave it behind.
Luckily, within the left side of the dark world, there are bright lights, scattered around, pulsating, drawing those that live in fear closer. These people may be ready to wake up. These are the people who ask questions, who wonder if there is something else, who feel a desire to experience something more and better, who sense deep inside that there is something wrong.
And when you look closer at the veil, you notice tiny openings through which the light of the right world shines, guiding those in the dark world out of their misery.
The people who are awake and free have the responsibility and stunning opportunity to support those who are not. You can be one of these lights in a dark world, or you can be one of the entryways into the bright world.
Will you leave your brothers and sisters to suffer in darkness while you move forward alone to a beautiful world that you could share with everyone?

Thank you for this transmission.

Blessings to all.


Channeled by Ayoni through Tim Biot
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