Ayoni is a group of highly evolved cosmic masters that guides and supports our world during its current transition into the New Age.
This series of conversations is meant to offer guidance, clarity and support for a world that is evolving rapidly and struggling with its changes. Clear answers are given about the current pandemic, what is behind it, how we can best deal with it, and our future.
Other topics include the unfolding New Age of unity and harmony, the spiritual revolution and how we can evolve past fear and division.


Channeled dialogues to guide a changing world


Good morning, Tim.

Hello again. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

It is always a pleasure. We thank you for the opportunity to share our messages during this most opportune time on your planet.

Please, dear friends, understand that what you are collectively experiencing at the moment is a reflection of your inner nature. With inner nature we mean your mental, emotional and spiritual attitude, which consists of your beliefs, convictions, hopes, fears, general behavior and vision of your past, present and future. You receive right before you the culmination of your collective inner nature as a human race.

It is not very pretty, then…

From the human perspective, it is both beautiful and ugly, positive and negative, good and bad. From a non-human and non-linear perspective, it is the perfect opportunity to align yourselves with who you really are, beyond your own concepts about yourselves.


You are now in the most opportune time to realize your true selves, to accept who you are beyond the concepts and ideas that have been fed to you about your limited selves.

That sounds like a good idea.

Yes, and may we encourage you all to focus primarily on this: you are divine beings having a human experience on a planet of duality, (and thus also separateness) in order to surpass the duality and to arrive at the direct and conscious experience of oneness and unity. We see that many of you have already awakened to this concept, but often mainly in theory. You understand mentally that you are more than your body. And many of you have regular experiences of being united in the larger field and connected to each other in a meaningful sense.
And even though we appreciate the challenges of living through this chaotic time when the dualistic forces are opposed so clearly and strongly, we would like to urge you to remain, as much as possible, within the unified field of Love.
Love has no opposite, because it is a cosmic constant. The energy and consciousness of Love are not part of duality. Love stands on its own as a certainty within all of creation.
On this day of celebration of Love on the Earth, may we invite you to commit yourself to work from, through and towards Love in all that you do.

That is a lot to ask.

It is an invitation. Do it to the best of your abilities. It is not just for you. Love is all-encompassing and it works for, through and towards everyone and everything. Especially for those who have created the illusion that they do not deserve to receive Love. Who do you think are the perpetrators of the schemes to keep the people of your world in the darkness of ignorance and lack? The very people you call your enemies, the bad guys, the ones responsible for all this chaos and suffering – they are all people and souls lacking the elemental understanding of who they are and the Universe they inhabit.
They are beings of light living in a Universe of Love. Only ones who lack this understanding can harm others. It is them who need the most help in the form of forgiveness, understanding, kindness and above all: LOVE.

That is also a lot to ask, especially during this time. People are literally dying and there is global suffering.

My dearest friend, people have always been dying and there has always been suffering. And a lot of it was caused by the same lack of understanding and accepting.
Death and suffering have been perpetrated upon your world for eons by people who forgot who they were, where they lived and why they were here. The difference now is that it happens on such a scale and so obviously that every human being now has the chance to observe and accept his and her own position.

Which position?

Your own position. Where are you, every single one of you, positioned in relation to your own being, to the Earth and the Universe you inhabit, and to your fellow brothers and sisters.
Said in another way: how are you positioned in relation to Love?

How do you mean?

If Love is the driving force of the Universe. And Love works continuously for, through and towards you. And Love is who you are, in your most fundamental essence. Then how are you positioned towards Love?

I do not know.

How often do you act out of Love, especially when faced with what you consider its opposite (although Love has no opposite)

Not often enough.

Indeed, Tim. Not often enough. Each and any one of you can display your understanding that you are a non-dualistic being of Love more often than you currently do.
When faced with the problems and the suffering in your world, perpetrated by your so called enemies, react from Love.
Use Love to heal the pain. Your pain and the collective pain.
When confronted with the ignorance and blindness and refusal to accept the truth of your brothers and sisters, use Love to offer them the opportunity to awaken at their own pace in their own time.
Even when you see your loved ones suffer due to their choice to live in denial, even when you see your family and friends continue to choose to live within the control system that is damaging them, offer them Love so they may free themselves at the time of their choosing.
Love is the greatest healer, supporter and teacher in our Universe. Forgiveness is an act of Love to those (including yourself) who cause hurt. Forgive the perpetrators. Forgive the victims, those who choose to be victimized. Forgive yourself for not always be loving and forgiving.
Love and forgive, dear friends on Earth. The only way through this, is via the power of the heart!

Thank you for this beautiful transmission.

We share with all of you our unconditional and ever-present Love.
Blessings to All.

Channeled by Ayoni through Tim Biot
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